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Amazing Online School Management Portal 2020

Welcome to the Amazing New Online School Management Portal 2020 revision

(YSP) online school management portal is a complete and feature rich school management software for all educational institutes. This school management software is for learning, administration and management activities in schools, colleges, universities, tuition centers or training centers. Our school management system manages everything starting from admission to attendance and exams to result cards

Read the amazing features of the new Online School Management Portal 2020 and see why School Owners have not let this portal go.

Login and see live demo here    Follow here to view the screen shot of the portal

Exclusive features of online school management portal
Exclusive features of online school management portal

What our Online School Management Portal Does

Below are few of the functionalities that our portal performs.

Institute Profile

You can set your all institute information like logo, name, vision and mission statement, target line ect, which will display on every printable documents and reports.

Admin Portal

Administrator has full control over all aspects through the admin panel. Admin can effectively manage, track and record everything within school or organization.

Students & Parents Portal

A portal each for students and parents to check all progress, reports, results, home works and communicate with the school.

Staff Members Portal

A portal for each school staff member to manage their daily tasks, like mark attendance, assigning homework add class tests.

Class Management

This school management software manage your classes in an easy way. starts from students to subjects, courses to marks

Exams Management

YSP has a complete solution for exams management starting from new exam to final result, reports and result cards.

Class Tests Management

Managing class tests easy and simple with this our school management software. It keeps record of every class test.

Fees Management

Our school software opens an account for every student to manage its fees and dues. YSP portal manages everything automatically.

Attendance System

YSP school management software has outstanding online attendance management system for students and staff convenience.

Accounts Management

Managing income, expenses, staff salaries etc has become past tense. Using YSP school management software does it all.

Printable Reports & results

You can print all the reports, letters, fee slip, salary slip, job letter and result cards etc. with ease and comfort.

Many More ...

YSP is versatile online school management software is regularly updated with more features and new ones being added to be update.

Choose  below any of our online school management portal packages

Our system is able to accommodate everybody no matter your needs for now.

We have flexible and convenient packages from which you can choose.

Payment Mode


Payment is made in your local currency, and most convenient to you.

Payment is made in your local currency, and most convenient to you.

Number of students that can be enrolled

Up to 50 students

No limit to the number of students

No limit to the number of students

Mode of Operation

You sign up and manage the school operations without interference or access by YSP staff members. You enjoy everything as enjoyed by others. No limit to the number of parents or staff members that can use your portal. 

You sign up and get a separate and distinct portal that bears your school name. If your school name is abc, your portal will be

No limit to the number of students that can be added.  

You have a complete portal of your own. This can be in any of the two forms:
+ We create the portal on your existing website.
+ we create a portal for you and give you a website (free). 
In either case, it’s completely your website that has nothing to do with us.

Your option outlook

You are given a sub-domain. 
It looks like
See sample site here

You either have the portal added to your existing website. (option A)
Or, we build a portal for you and give you a free website to it. (option B)
It looks like
see sample site here

Cost Implication

This is no more available

Set Up fee for any category: N10,000 (only once). ($26) Then you now choose any of the below categories:

+ Level A– 1-100 students
   N25,000 ($65) per session. (N10,000
   per term)

+ Level B-101-250 students
   N50,000 ($130) per session (N20,000 per term)

+ Level C: 260-600 students
   N100,000 ($255) per session (N40,000
   per term)

+ Level D: over 600 students (call us for a better rate.

+ Option A N220,000 ($560)
+ Option B N220,000 ($560)
+ Per child per term FREE
+ Per child per session FREE

If you are outside Nigeria, You can make payment using paypal to

Current Promo

Sign up now and enjoy the full promo. Promo ends soon 31st August 2020

Register above for our online school management portal now to also get featured enrollment in our directory. This makes your school to feature better in google search.

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