Affiliate helping hand

School Portal Affiliate helping hand for our affiliates.

We believed you have registered as an affiliate, else register here.

This affiliate helping hand page need to be visited as often as possible. This is because it is going to be updated constantly.

1. Affiliates need to understand the product, that is ‘Y School Portal’. Without proper understanding of how the portal works, you are not likely to convince that customer. Learn more about the product:

+ here and here

2. Know your affiliate link: each affiliate has a link through which his/her campaign or promotion should be carried out.

Your link is found in your dashboard immediately you login. It looks like: (It is not exactly this, but something like this). The referral link is found in Once a customer clicks on this link, it takes them to the customer sign up page.

Be sure to include that link in any message you are sending.

3. Where to promote: You are to promote the link with advert on everywhere.

  • Personal visit: You can visit schools in your surrounding to personally explain the portal and the present promo. Be sure to instantly register the school with your link even when the school is not ready to buy the product then. All you need after that is a good follow up. Our admin will also add voice to support you in making the customer pay.
  • Social media: you can compose a capturing message with your referral link for people to sign up. Share the message as far as possible.
  • Names of schools: This can also be gotten in other ways to promote the product to them. Names of schools can be gotten from website while your use SMS and email message to them.


Don’t also forget that you need to visit your dashboard so as to see lists of your referrals and do a follow up on them. If follow up is not done on those your referrals, they may end up not paying for the product.

You can share on the following Social media: Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Going Extra mile: This kind of product has concurrent or big Earning. If a customer chooses termly payment on students, you get commission for 3 consecutive terms and if it is per session, you get your commission for the session. You also get your bumper commissione from a customer getting a website.

So, you need to go extra mile to make as much money as possible.

What’s the extra mile: the extra mile is any effort needed to make that sales. Such extra mile include: frequent sharing of your product message, promoting (boosting) the message. It may also include directing people to Yschool portal Facebook page. That page increases your customers confidence in you and in the product.



Two things that must not be left out of your campaign:

1. Your referral link

2. Yschoolportal Facebook page.


Beside are other materials you need to read and implement so as to make it big.