Demo page

Demo Page

Demo page displays some screenshot of the content of school management portal


(To request for live demo, send your name, school name, Whats-app number and email to 09086456832  and have the link to your mail or Whats-app number).

Demo page has below, the user names and passwords to use on the live portal: Login as Principal/head teacher
Username: principal1               Password: YSPdemo@123
Login as Accountant/bursar

Username: accountant1           Password: YSPdemo@123
Login as class teacher:
username: classteacher1         Password: YSPdemo@123
Login as Parent
Username: parent2                    Password: YSPdemo@123
Login as student
Username: student2                  Password: YSPdemo@123

Note: Individual school can have a custom role based on its peculiar needs.

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This is the screenshot view of Yschool portal.

Here is Detail of the functionalities of the portal

Below is the screen shot view. We can make more customisation of each stakeholder roles for you at your request.

Principal’s view of the admin in the demo page.

YSchool portal principal demo

YSchool portal principal demo

School’s Accountant’s view of the admin.

YSchool portal accountant demo

YSchool portal accountant demo

Student’s view from the front page.

YSchool portal student demo

YSchool portal student demo

Parent’s view from the front page

YSchool portal parent demo

YSchool portal parent (demo page)