How to use this PORTAL is a page specifically made and always updated to lets know how best to use this portal for our school progress.

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How to use this portal

This is School Management Portal, and this page explains the usage for admin only. There is another usage page which can be found here

How to create staff members:

firstly, you need to create a role (if the role is not yet in existence) for the staff. To create a role, click on roles (beneath School Administrator), create a name for the role and also more importantly, define the functions for the role. Save the new role created. Now, to create a staff for the role, click on staff list (beneath School Administrator), click on new staff. fill the necessary space for the staff, assign a role for the staff, and you are done.

How to increase or decrease staff permission:

After creating a staff, you may increase or decrease the staff role. All you need do is to click on the staff name from the staff lists, then, click on the pencil like icon in other to edit the staff, scroll then to the staff’s role to edit.

How to admit students:

Admitting students can be done in two ways:
1. Admit students one after the other. This is best use when new enrollment is taking place. To do this, click on admission (beneath Student), then input the new students details.
2. Admit students by batch: You click on admission, then click on bulk admission. As a first timer, look for Export Sample CSV File, click on it to download sample. Fill all the students exactly the way the sample is. Then upload it. If after uploading, it gives an error message, iron out the error and try again. it will call your attention to where the error is, like pointing to (roll 3 column 2, admission number is missing).

How to promote students:

You can promote students from one class to another at the end of a session. click on student-promote. The list of all the classes in the particular session will be displayed while you can choose which class and students to promote. You can also choose which class to promote therm to.
Promoting from primary six to college (for those that have the two). Click on students-transfer student, you can now see and choose JS1 of the college to which you make the promotion.

How to mark students attendance:

Just click on Academic-Attendance, This gives you the opportunity to choose class-section-date.

How to Create Termly fee:

After login, go to Accounting-Invoice,
If you want to create individual invoice: click to choose: class, term and student’s name. Then fill the other details under it. There you choose the invoice date and due date, the due date when its to be paid.

If you want to create invoices for many students at a time: click to choose: class, term and some or all the students in that class for that term. Then fill the other details under it. There you choose the invoice date and due date, the due date when its to be paid.

When creating the invoice, you specify the amount receivable per term or per annum (as you like it), and when another term arrives, you create another invoice as well.

How to create exam results for students:

Just like you can not write report sheet for students without the students having written exams. You can not allocate marks or create report sheet for students that you have not created and allotted Admit card for.

Step 1: Under exam button, click on ‘manage exam’ to add exam. You can add exam title, subject etc per certain term. You can add exam to all the classes at a go. Don’t forget to choose either to: publish or unpublish exam admit card, enable or disable the overall grade, publish or unpublish the timetable etc. Finally here, you need to click on Add New Exam button at the extreme end of the page.

Step 2: Under examination button, click on Admit Card. click on Generate, this enables you to generate admit card for student, either individually or collectively at once.   It is after this you can go to Exam results.

Step 1: Under examination button, click on Exam results, here you can view exam results (to see previously created results) or click on Add results to add new results. Remember that only students you had previously allotted Admit card to, that will be seen on the Exam results page.

How to create certificate for students:

Certificate can be created for students individually or en mass. the certificate is highly customized and has been automated that individual students data will reflect on the certificate which can also be printed in A4 paper. You can also make different types/designs of certificate.

To start with, under School Button. follow the followings:
a. click on certificate
b. Click on new certificate
c. You will be directed to a page where you can customize the certificate at your wish. You can also upload a new certificate design of yours leaving space for dynamically generated data.

Designing your certificate: You may need to upload a template of your certificate in the design that suits you. Here is how to go about it.
a. Download a sample of the certificate on the portal:  After login, click on ‘certificate’ under student button, click on ‘add new certificate’ and ‘print certificate’.
b. Use the downloaded sample to design your certificate template, there are empty space in the certificate and there are many other information that you need not include on the certificate. The portal will include all these information in a customised way (based on each student data earlier uploaded).
c. Upload back the newly designed template: After the upload, customise the template using the left adjustment. 

Certainly, its a lovely and easy way of issuing single or mass certificate.